Military Genius, Charming Lover - Napoleon in Vienna Deutsche Version dieser Tour
Napoleon's radical reforms and his wars changed the face of Europe. For the Austrian Empire Napoleon was a much-feared enemy. He came to Vienna twice, in 1805 to sign a peace treaty, in 1809 to take the city, if only after two battles. The Viennese suffered under the burden of war but still fell for the dashing hero and flocked to his military parades. Even the Emperorís daughter, Marie Louise, eventually succumbed to his charm in a marriage that was originally arranged for purely political and dynastic reasons. See places in Viennaís old town relevant to Napoleon and learn about people associated with him, get a feel for the atmosphere prevailing in the city at the onset of the 19th century, and learn more about the impact of Napoleonís presence on Vienna.
Meeting Point 1., Albertinaplatz 1, in front of the Tourist Information
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