This is Vienna! – A Highlight Tour for First-Time Visitors Deutsche Version dieser Tour
You are a first-time visitor to Vienna? In this case, this walking tour is the ideal choice. Even a short visit can become a cherished experience in the company of a professional who loves the city and enjoys sharing their favourite places with you. Vienna was once the heart of the Habsburg Empire, the focus of Imperial and Princely patronage and the capital of a multi-national agglomeration of territories, which encompassed much of central and eastern Europe. Today, shorn of its vast empire, Vienna is still a city of imperial magnificence and one of the world’s foremost centres of art, architecture and music. Behind the grandeur of the Ringstrasse, which encircles the Inner City and replaced its fortifications, are not only imposing palaces and public buildings but also charming streetscapes and ancient courtyards, whose layout is often of Roman or medieval origin. This introductory tour captures this inimitable mixture of grand imperial architecture and quaint and curious places hidden from view of most tourists. See the most important sights of the historic city centre such as the former imperial residence and St. Stephen’s Cathedral, but also some of the city’s hidden gems.  We will also provide you with tips and suggestions as to what else you may want to discover in Vienna. They can range from A as in Amadeus, to R as in Roman Vienna, or to Z as in Empress Zita.
Meeting Point 1., Stephansplatz, right of the main entrance to the cathedral
Dates There are no dates for this tour but it can be booked individually for a group