From Attic to Catacombs – St. Michael’s Treasures Deutsche Version dieser Tour
Dating from the 13th century, St. Michael’s is one of the oldest churches in Vienna, though the Neoclassical façade, added in 1792, somewhat obscures this fact. This exciting tour takes you from top to bottom, time travelling through 800 years of history. Climb up to the unique roof structure not generally accessible to the public. Inside the church that has retained much of its early Gothic appearance marvel at the original baroque organ that gave Mozart’s Requiem its premiere and the imposing Rococo stucco relief of the Fall of the Angels towering over the main altar. Also the richly decorated chapels with their individually wrought-iron gates deserve a closer look. <p> Finally, descend with us into the catacombs that have remained virtually unchanged since their closure in 1784. In the course of some 150 years, around 4,000 people were buried there. Among them is the celebrated 18th century court poet Pietro Metastasio whose drama La clemenza di Tito was put into music by Mozart. Elaborately painted Baroque coffins and mummified corpses clad in frock-coats and wigs take us back into times long past. </p>
Meeting Point 1., Michaelerplatz 5, in front of St. Michael’s Church
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