St. Stephan's Cathedral - Spiritual Centre and National Symbol in the Heart of the City Deutsche Version dieser Tour
A tour of St. Stephen's Cathedral is a must for any visitor to Vienna. It is Austria's grandest gothic structure and the country's national symbol.They say the Viennese suffer from homesickness as soon as St. Stephen's is out of sight. It is close to their hearts, both as geographical and spiritual centre. Its unique silhouette has dominated Vienna's skyline for almost 700 years. It suffered from fires, wars, neglect and pollution, but still fascinates and attracts people from all over the world. On this in-depth tour inside and outside the cathedral, we reveal what often escapes the casual visitor. We talk about the breathtaking architecture and what distinguishes it from western-European cathedrals, about the people who built it and the political and religious ambitions of both monarchs and burgher behind its construction. Of course, we cannot by-pass the heart-breaking story of its near-destruction in 1945 nor the amazing efforts of all Austria to see it reconstructed to its former glory.???
Meeting Point 1., Stephansplatz, right of the main entrance to the cathedral
Dates There are no dates for this tour but it can be booked individually for a group
  • Additional entrance fees for tour of the Cathedral
  • Please note that this tour depends on opening times.
  • No tours allowed during service.
  • Guided tour of the cathedral can be combined with an elevator ride up the North Tower Guided Tours of the Catacombs with in-house guide only