Graham Greene and ‘The Third Man’: Looking for Inspiration in Vienna Deutsche Version dieser Tour
Film producer Alexander Korda is planning a thriller set against the backdrop of a European capital shattered by the war. London? Paris? Rome? How about Vienna? Graham Greene is commissioned to write the screenplay. In February 1948 he sets off to spend two weeks in Vienna to find inspiration and collect material. He is put up at the Sacher Hotel, which in those days is under British military control. It could not be more convenient for Greene's wanderings through the city and for his contacts with British Intelligence officers ("my wartime connection with the SIS used to bring me useful dividends in those days").

The Sacher is also the starting point of our illustrated tour to the places that fuelled Greene's imagination. Opening times permitting, we can also stop for a look into the Wienfluss sewer, and visit the fabulous Third-Man-Museum.

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Attention Special tips: Brigitte Timmermann, The Third Man�s Vienna. Celebrating a Film Classic Jean-Luc Fromental and Miles Hyman: The Prague Coup