Vienna 1918-1945: On the Brink of Civil War, the ‘Anschluss’ and the War Years Deutsche Version dieser Tour
The end of World War I left Austria deprived of its empire. The population of the newly proclaimed republic was a mere eight million compared with over 50 million before the dismemberment of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Vienna was a head without a body. The arrival of refugees, subjects of the Empire now denaturalized by the successor states, and tens of thousands of ex-soldiers caused massive unemployment. The Spanish Flu killed thousands. Food was in short supply. Horrific social conditions and political instability led to political radicalisation culminating in near civil war in 1927 and 1934.<p> In 1933 Chancellor Dollfuss established an Austro-fascist state which soon found itself under constant pressure from Hitler and Austria’s illegal Nazi party. Between 1938 and 1945 Austria was an integrated part of the Third Reich. Allied bombing and liberation by the Red Army in 1944 and 1945 left Vienna in ruins. See the places where the dramatic events of Austrian history unfolded, for better and worse.</p>
Meeting Point 1., Schmerlingplatz, in front of the Monument of the Republic
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