Royals, Saints and Spies - Exploring British Connections in Vienna Deutsche Version dieser Tour
This tour highlights British connections in Vienna! No matter where you go, you stumble on English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish associations. Vienna owes its Giant Ferris Wheel to a Scotsman, the quintessential Vienna film to an Englishman, the First Vienna Football Club to a Manx, some of the most memorable opera performances to a Welshman, and the best pubs in town to the Irish. Follow us in the footsteps of royals, monks, heroes, diplomats, writers, film tycoons and spies who all left their traces in Vienna. See where they stayed or networked, where they were entertained, where they caused scandals.

Learn about British involvement in the joint Allied administration of post-war Vienna, about British artists and architects who have left their works here, and about charity organisations that saved thousands of lives. Listen to what British travel writers thought of Vienna and what Winston Churchill wrote about Prince Eugene of Savoy.

Meeting Point 1., Philharmonikerstrasse 1, opposite Hotel Sacher
Dates There are no dates for this tour but it can be booked individually for a group