Art Deco Palaces for the Proletariate - "Red Vienna" Deutsche Version dieser Tour
"Red Vienna" was the political and pioneering experiment of Vienna's Social Democratic government of the early 1920 and early 1930s. Its aim was to relieve the appalling living conditions prevailing in Vienna after the collapse of the Habsburg Empire and to create a model culture for the working class within the framework of a democratic country. Sunshine and fresh air at last! Healthy and affordable housing was built for a quarter of a million people. A nationalized health and welfare system was introduced that received worldwide recognition. Highlights of this tour are the Karl-Marx-Hof Estate, nicknamed "One Kilometer of Art Deco", and the multi-functional Amalien Baths, one of Europe's most prestigious and beautiful public baths. Such functional and distinctive architecture attracted the admiration of architects and politicians alike, and still today has lost nothing of its impact and appeal.
Meeting Point 19., U4 Station Heiligenstadt, in front of Exit 12.-Februar-Platz
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