Hidden Away - Art Nouveau Treasures in Vienna’s Historic Centre   Deutsche Version dieser Tour
In Vienna’s historic centre, late 19th century eclectic architecture dominates the cityscape. Apart from a handful of well-known examples that receive ample attention in guidebooks, much of the Art Nouveau architecture is tucked away where it flowers in near obscurity, often only used in combination with more traditional, and more widely accepted, styles. Discover them, appreciate them, enjoy them. You will not regret having joined this off-the-beaten-track-tour of discovery! <p> Starting from the Secession, this tour takes in the elegant glass palm house in the Burggarten, Adolf Loos’ ‘House Without Eyebrows’ whose lack of ornamental dressing caused an uproar when it was built, and a number of other striking town houses. Interiors by students of Otto Wagner will also be included. The tour ends in Kärntnerstrasse.</p>
Meeting Point 1., Friedrichstrasse 12, in front of the Secession
Dates There are no dates for this tour but it can be booked individually for a group