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Musical Vienna

Vienna has more ties to classical music than almost any other city in the world. Take a trip back into Vienna's musical past. Retrace the steps of Mozart, Beethoven or Schubert and the many other icons of the music world associated with Vienna. Visit the places where they lived, died and were laid to rest, and learn all about their triumphs and failures.

Tours marked red are Public Tours, tours marked black are only on request.

Mozart in Vienna: Sweet Wolferl - Unruly RogueThis Tour is ideal for WalkingThis tour can be adapted for school paries
From Child Prodigy to Pop Star

Vienna - Capital City of MusicThis Tour is ideal for WalkingThis Tour can also be done as a bus TourThis tour can be adapted for school paries
There is no other city in the world where music is so much a part of its history as well as its presense. The imperial court was the natural focus of...

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