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Due to the low amount of people in the city we made a booking mandatory. So please write us a short email info@viennawalks.com if you intend to come to our tours.

Vienna Past & Present

You have a particular interest in Roman Vienna, or you want to learn more about life within the medieval city walls or the rapid growth of the city into the fourth largest in the world around 1900? We offer special interest tours covering the various periods from Roman times until the present day.

Tours marked red are Public Tours, tours marked black are only on request.

Red Vienna: Palaces for the ProletariatThis Tour is ideal for WalkingThis Tour can also be done as a bus TourIf requested we can also plan this tour on bicylceThis tour can be adapted for school paries
Visionary Architecture of the 1920s

Roman Vienna - A Walk Back into Vienna's BeginningsThis Tour is ideal for WalkingThis tour can be adapted for school paries
Retracing Vienna's Roman Legacy

Vienna 1945 - From Swastika to Russian Red StarThis Tour is ideal for WalkingThis tour can be adapted for school paries
This tour deals with the end of the war and the new beginning. After 53 allied air-raids, the Red Army finally manages to liberate Vienna in a ten-day...

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