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Hietzing - The Village in the Shadow of the EmperorsThis Tour is suitable as a walking Tour
Where Johann Strauss triumphed and Gustav Klimt Died

Originally, Hietzing was a modest wine-growing village at the foot of the southern Vienna Woods. When Maria Theresa chose Schönbrunn Palace as her summer residence in the 1750s, its neighbourhood became the coveted resort of the nobility and lower gentry, later also of the business elite, of artists, and whoever wanted to escape the heat of the city. Walk where Johann Strauss Jr. gave his first concert, where Emperor Franz Joseph put up his guests and where he had breakfast with his soulmate Katharina Schratt, where Josef Hoffmann built one of the icons of Modernist architecture, and Gustav Klimt enjoyed the smell of his favourite roses in his studio garden. Also worth visiting is Hietzing Cemetery, the last resting place of numerous Austrian notables from the world of politics, the arts, and entertainment.



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