Thursday 20th September to Sunday 23rd September 2018.

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A Time Travel into the Days of Imperial Glory

This walk takes in all the imperial charm Vienna has to offer. It is like taking a journey back to the days when Austria was one of the leading powers of Europe. Over 600 years, her history was determined by her Habsburg rulers. It is therefore not surprising that one stumbles across reminders of Vienna's imperial past, no matter where you go. See the Hofburg, the epicenter of imperial power, and one of the largest royal residential complexes in Europe alongside the Vatican and the Louvre and hear how it grew in size with the growing power of the House of Habsburg. Walk past the sumptuous palaces of the court nobility and the many shops still displaying the royal crest above their entrances, and take a look into baroque St. Peter's, a testimony to imperial piety. Not to forget St. Stephen's Cathedral, erected not only to the glory of God but also their representatives on earth.

Meeting Point:By arrangement
Info:This tour around the Hofburg Quarter can be combined with visits of the Imperial Apartments+Sisi Museum+Silver Chamber, Imperial Treasury with Crown Jewels, Grand Hall of National Library, former court church St. Augustine's and Imperial Crypt (additional admission fees apply)


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