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Vienna 1945 - From Swastika to Russian Red StarThis Tour is suitable as a walking TourThis Tour is ideal for school parties

This tour deals with the end of the war and the new beginning. After 53 allied air-raids, the Red Army finally manages to liberate Vienna in a ten-day battle in April 1945. 100,000 dwellings are left uninhabitable, St. Stephenís is gutted, almost 50,000 killed. The Red Army is in sole control, only later joined by the western powers. People are traumatised, there is physical and emotional chaos and disorientation. But there is also a spiritual cohesiveness and the will to make a fresh start. Paramount is reconstruction and political stability. But how do people deal with hundreds of thousands of refugees, with the people liberated from concentration camps, the men returning from war imprisonment, the invalids and orphans, the victims as well as the perpetrators of the Nazi regime? The route leads from Schwedenplatz to Heldenplatz, photos and archive material help to evoke the atmosphere prevailing in Vienna in those troubled times.

Meeting Point:Corner Rotenturmstrasse / Schwedenplatz (McDonalds)
Dates: at
Info:private tours possible any time


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