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Der Ottakringbach. Vienna’s Forgotten RiverThis Tour is suitable as a walking Tour
Vienna's Forgotten River

This illustrated walk is ideal for those who want to explore Vienna off the beaten track and dig a bit deeper into the city’s history. Follow the course of one of Vienna’s forgotten rivers! Vienna has over 70 subterranean rivers. Once tributaries of the Danube, they were covered over in the course of urban expansion during the 19th century and integrated into the city’s sewer system. Since then, most of them have been forgotten. The Ottakringbach is one of them. Originally, it flowed from the heights of the Vienna Woods past Minoritenkirche and through Tiefer Graben to St. Mary's-by-the-Riverbank (Maria am Gestade) where it joined the Danube. As it used to cause severe flooding in the city, it was diverted into a new riverbed outside the city walls as early as the 14th century. This illustrated walk follows parts of its historic as well as its present course. Time of the year and day of the week permitting, we may include a look into the so-called “Überfallskammer” underneath Karlsplatz where the river turned sewer now joins the main Wienfluss-sewer, a location well known from Carol Reed's cult classic "The Third Man".

Info:Sewer visit only possible Thursday-Sunday from May-October, early booking required, max. size of group: 20


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