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Death in Vienna - Curiosities and Oddities from the Realm of the DeadThis Tour is suitable as a walking TourThis Tour is ideal for school parties
Historic Viennese Burial Crypts

The Viennese have always had a strange preoccupation with death and funeral rites. At the centre of this illustrated walk are four very different burial sites: Romanesque Virgil Chapel, built for Austria’s first patron saint (of Irish descent!), the elegant baroque crypt at the Church of the Capuchins, last resting place of the Habsburgs and their descendants, the curious “Heart Crypt” at St. Augustine’s, and the eerie crypt of St. Michael’s . Its painted coffins, mummified corpses and the newly restored sarcophagus of Pietro Metastasio, author of Mozart’s opera seria, “La Clemenza di Tito”, give us a vivid insight into the sepulchral history of Vienna. We also talk about the Black Death of 1679 immortalized by the Plague Column on Graben, and the Early Christian “Catacomb Saints” of St. Peter’s, undoubtedly the finest baroque church of the Innere Stadt.

Info:Entrance fees Route subject to opening times of the crypts and services at St. Peter's


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