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Leopoldstadt - Jewish Vienna beyond the Danube CanalThis Tour is suitable as a walking TourThis tour is also available as a bus TourThis Tour is possible as a bicycle TourThis Tour is ideal for school parties
Destruction and Rebirth

Leopoldstadt, Vienna's second district, was once the hub of Jewish life in Vienna. Some of the town's finest synagogues were to be found there, also a wide array of Jewish shops, clubs, theatres and coffeehouses, and the Grain Exchange as focal point of Jewish commercial interests. Leopoldstadt was also a central-European stronghold of Zionism and Chassidism. Sigmund Freud spent his youth there, composers such as Arnold Schönberg and Oscar Strauss were born there. This Jewish world was brutally destroyed in the Shoah, but new Jewish life is returning. Part of this walk follows the newly-established "Path of Remembrance" commemorating the Jewish victims of the Nazi terror.

Meeting Point:1st district, Corner of Schwedenplatz/Rotenturmstrasse (McDonald's)
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